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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

400 M run
21 swings (50#/30#)
50 lunges

3 rounds and then. . .

15 band rotations (each side)
20 back extensions
20 situps

3 rounds, all for time

Training out of the box
Training out of the box

Globo gym?  Does anyone know what I mean by that?  That term can be used to describe your typical large chain gym.  The high tech cardio equipment sits in pristine rows, accompanied by rows and rows of machines where you can sit and isolate your muscles and carry around your towel to wipe it off after you’re done even though you never broke a sweat.  There is also a free weight area where you will usually see people doing 1 of 2 main exercises, bench press or biceps curls, while the squat racks stand empty collecting dust because that is a challenging exercise that engages multiple muscle groups along with the core.  The staff “trainers” and I use this term loosely are often seen staring off in the mirrors as they guide client from machine to machine counting their reps.

To me, this is a huge disservice, most people sit way too much.  They sit at work, they sit in the car, they sit at home and they’re posture reflects that by way of hunched over shoulders, aching backs and weak glute and hamstring muscles.  So why for the love of God would I want to seat them on a machine to work out?  To further defunctionalize those muscles?  When it comes to physical training we need to think outside the box like atmospheres of most globo gyms.  Our bodies were meant for movement, not for sitting and isolation-that is unnatural.

 Take for example, one of the best exercises on the planet, the squat.  I have heard countless times; “I have bad knees, I have a bad back, I can’t squat”.  Oh really, well how do you get off the toilet?  We’re not talking about loading up a deconditioned individual with a 225 barbell.  We’re talking about sitting down and getting up, repetitively if necessary to start.  It’s the same thing with a push up, a great movement for developing chest, shoulders and triceps strength.  If you are unable to do them on the floor, we modify them.  We take basic, functional movements; scale or modify when necessary, determine proper progression, push with appropriate intensity and voila!  You get fitter.  As simple as 1 + 1 = 2.

 That’s what CrossFit Jaguar is all about-making you better at what you do whether it’s becoming a better athlete or performing daily activities better.  And we have FUN doing it.  But you won’t get that at your local globo gym.  Oh they’ll do an automatic withdrawal from your account every month, sell you personal training sessions with one of their overpaid babysitters, you’ll be free to use the machines and watch television while you stroll along on the treadmill but do they really care about your results?  Not usually, the honeymoon’s over after you sign that contract.

 To achieve success you need to have accountability, proper training and the right mindset.  Take your training out of the box and soon you’ll be exploding on top.

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