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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Pull ups
Air squats
Push ups
Sit ups

20 sec work/10 sec rest, 8 rounds of each

Appropriate resting position in Tabata squat
Appropriate resting position in Tabata squat

Nothing like a good Tabata!   Many people still believe you need to work out for 1 to 2 hours at a time to get great results.  I challenge any of them to try our Tabata workout.  If you’re putting forth the proper effort; full range of motion, holding in the correct “resting” position and throwing in the amount of speed you can while not compromising form/ROM you will have a total body butt kicking in 20 minutes.

The above “resting” position is almost perfect, the chest could be up just a tad.   An excellent first week & welcome to Tereza, you will do very, very well.

The first time I did a Tabata I had never squatted below parallel, I didn’t think my body could do that. I had a great coach who showed me in under a minute that it did indeed.  Once realizing that, the 4 minute Tabata with below parallel “rest” was an incredible “bodyweight only” leg workout.  It became more a mental test of strength rather than physical; both of which are very important. 

Squatting below parallel is not “bad for your knees” but actually good for them; it is the way our bodies are meant to move.  It’s actually the modern toliets that are constructed at an incorrect height.

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