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Tiffany E.

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I started CrossFit in 2010 because of a pair of pants! I had gained some weight and was forced to buy a size up in work pants. It was a hard pill for me to swallow at the time, and I kept the tags on because I was so determined to return them. My coworker was a coach at a CF gym on the military base, and he convinced me to join him on his “fun” morning workouts.
 Like most people, I found CrossFit intimidating at first – especially when the gym I went to was full of active duty military dudes doing the class for PT. I would get really competitive and try to keep up with them, killing myself in the end! Now, I know to stay in my own lane. The term “check your ego at the door” really makes sense with CrossFit. I learned that I need to work on making myself better, not be better than other people.
My first huge achievement in CF was getting a chance to compete in the 2012 Latin America Regionals to represent my old box in the Cayman Islands. This was back in the day where Latin America couldn’t fill all the team spots for Regionals because teams couldn’t afford to travel to the host country (that year, it was Cali, Colombia). After checking the rules, we found out we could send more than 1 team, so we had a “Varsity” team (who won every event), and our “JV” team (we were just there for the experience). Our team was definitely out of our league, but I learned so much about how far I could push myself. There was one moment where I had the entire crowd cheering for me because after over 10 failed attempts, I finally succeeded at lifting a weight I thought was impossible for me – and I did 5 times! That moment was even mentioned in an article on the CF website!
I’m working on learning to “get along” with the assault bike. It’s a horrible machine, and it beats you down mentally, emotionally, and physically…for me at least.
My favorite Jaguar memory was when we were all in Jacksonville to watch Taylar Stallings at Regionals in 2014. I was new to the gym, didn’t really know anyone, but Jess invited me to come out to Jacksonville to watch, so I did. It was a huge deal for me, because I’m actually pretty shy (at first). On that trip, I got to know everyone, everyone got to know me, and it changed my experience and love for the Jaguar family!
P.S. I returned the pants! 🙂