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That’s a Lovely Accent You Have. New Jersey?

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SKILL: A) 3x :45 Barbell Overhead Hold (Press Grip) 45/35, 1 min rest

FOCUS: Keep midline tight and ribs pulled down. Active shoulders and no over extension of the back

B) 2x 20 Nose to Wall Shoulder Taps, 1 min rest. (Scale: Feet as high as you can on the wall or plank hold shoulder taps)

C) 10 mins to work on Handstand Pushups or Handstand Walks


400m run

15 HSPU (Abmat – Pike off box – Standing DB Strict Press AHAP)

2 Rope Climbs (3 Up Downs with Knee Raise – 12 Ring Rows)

Score is Rounds + reps

Happy 65th birthday Gail!! #GailentinesDay


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