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Tanya H.

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I started Crossfit because I was  getting bored of doing the same old things at Shapes Total Fitness.  I spoke to my friend Nikki and she convinced me to try a class.  It took a lot of convincing though because I read about CrossFit before and it seemed so intense.
The first time I came was a Wednesday and the skill was deadlifts.  I was able to do it so it wasn’t so bad.  I was so amazed with what the members in the regular CF class were doing.  They looked like bad asses.  So I decided to come back one more time but this time it was a Saturday.  My husband came with me that day and we both felt like we were about to die.  Oh My God!  It was intense beyond anything I have ever experienced.  I told Nikki, “later for this sh*t, this is crazy!”  However I was reassured that not all classes are like that.  It was a while before they ever saw my face again though.
My first achievement was the rope climb.  It took me a whole year to get that skill down and I was beaming  from ear to ear when I finally did it.  I was so proud of myself.
I am currently working on learning how to do a proper handstand without any assistance.  I had a few private lessons and I know what I need to work on but I am still a little bit scared.  Eventually I will get it though.  I am not a quitter!
My favorite Jaguar memory would have to be when Nikki and I participated in the Jaguar competition last December.  Three WODS in one day?  It sounded like death, but I did it!  I was sore for several days though.  I love the fact that my son loves CF too and I have seen the difference it has done for him playing baseball.  The boy is a beast!