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Spartan Training

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By Paula Jager CSCSimg_3955

Train, look, think and perform like a warrior. What exactly is meant by “Spartan Training?”   If you have seen the movie 300 or have been subject to a retelling of the Spartans’ battle with the Persians at Thermopylae, the physical and mental strength was beyond compare; no spineless or limp-wristed men there.  That is a rare find in today’s world where most people have sedentary jobs, eat too much of the wrong foods and get no exercise.  They seem to have acquired the notion they can stroll through life without sweating, picking up anything heavy, working hard or eating less than they want at every meal.  That does not bring success in any area of life; it brings disease and a host of other preventable problems.

Modern Western society will benefit greatly from Spartan Training.  The workouts are brief in nature yet the intensity will make a grown man cry.  The movements are primal, a throwback to the Gladiator or “CrossFit” style of training.  The equipment is basic, the environment raw and the attitude bad ass.  Barbells, dumbbells, tires, ropes and chains are the bulk of the equipment.  Dragging a 275 pound tire 50 yards, rowing the tire, beating it with a sledgehammer and pushing a vehicle 75+ yards are just some of the “exercises” involved in Spartan training.  Metabolic conditioning and Olympic lifting make up the rest. The training is done for repetitions or max rounds for time.  A raw, primitive workout done mainly outside; you get dirty, break a sweat and dig deep within to find the internal drive and fortitude necessary to make it thorough.  Every bone and muscle in your body screaming to quit but a true Spartan has the mental tenacity to persevere.

When you arrive back to reality; you will have been transformed.  Both men and women have benefited from the training but the most impressive results have been of the women.  You take a woman, any age, who cannot even do a bodyweight push up when she starts.  You get her conditioned, make her stronger with some basic Olympic lifting and before long she’s pushing a vehicle—in neutral—75 yards.  How do you think that makes her feel?  Like a warrior; she can accomplish anything.  Her performance at work excels; she’s confident in her abilities and bad relationships become a thing of the past as change occurs or they are ended.

Is Spartan Training right for you?  It is the best type of training for any individual.  From athletes to Grandmas; all humans move in the same way.  Only the load and the intensity changes; which can be scaled from meeting the demanding needs of athletes and fighters to enabling grandma to carry her groceries up the stairs.  This type of training prepares you for life and is done by martial artists, policeman, firefighters and military Special Forces to meet the demands of sport, crime, crisis’s and war.  Although you might not meet their challenges on a daily basis you do have the stresses of life and you will be better equipped to handle them both physically and mentally.  Whether your goal is competence or dominance—train like a warrior for life and sport.

Paula Jager CSCS is owner/operator of CrossFit Jaguar…total fitness, a strength and conditioning facility in Carrollwood that specializes in functional, movement based training.  Jager’s client base ranges from elite athletes to seniors; improving both physical and mental performances in life and sport.  Contact is 813-908-6464 or

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