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Spartan Training ABC Action News Feature

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spartan-trainingJaguar Fitness Spartan Training was recently featured on Tampa’s BC Action News!

Here’s en excerpt from the story:

Spartan training a new fitness trend

Want to feel like a warrior and look like one too? Spartan training is the latest local trend in fitness and it’s catching on with a most unlikely crowd. These women aren’t changing a tire or stuck on the side of the road. They’re actually having fun! im Vance says, “It’s empowering.”

It’s called Spartan Training. The work-out is new to the Tampa area even though it’s really just a throw back to the glory days of gladiator training. Personal trainer Paula Jaguar took the concept and ran with it.

Paula says, “This type of training has been around a while with athletes, fighters, martial artists, strong-man competitors but I put together this particular sequence of exercises to hit everything in the body.”

Watch the video below!

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