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She Beasts Unleashed

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By Paula Jager CSCS

Melissa Wuorinen agressively tackles the wall

When one hears the term “She Beast” images may come to mind of a man hating woman with an over muscular physique and facial hair.  Not in this world; let’s clear up some myths. She Beasts do not hate men, they do not want to be men nor have penis envy—they actually like men and they love being women.  A She Beast refers to a woman with brass balls.  Not in the anatomical sense, but from an internal drive and fortitude along with a take no prisoners mentality.  She is her own person, has her own mind, and her own brand of tough as nails tenacity.  She will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals both in and outside of the ring.

That do or die mentality is mirrored in her training; a She Beast trains like a warrior in the gym.  She doesn’t put on make up to go to the gym and is not afraid to lift heavy, hard or drench herself with sweat.  You will not find her spending endless hours on the elliptical reading a magazine or doing countless reps on the inner/outer thigh machine.  She is not isolating her muscles with light weights but training them as they work synergistically in real life.  She is not afraid of breaking a nail by taking it outside, getting dirty and wrestling with an oversized tire.  You’ll see her dead lifting, snatching, thrusting, squatting, pulling and benching her way to explosive strength and raw power.  She sprints faster and climbs higher, clawing with ferociousness as she pushes past her limits of pain with an internal strength made of steel to overcome her opponents and emerge victorious.   Failure is never an option.

With approximately 1/10th the testosterone of a man there are physiological differences that cannot be denied.  That is not a bad thing; men and women are different in many ways and those differences are what make the relationships between them ignite.  Thus said, a She Beast must compete with her own gender in the ring. Outside the ring is a different story; competition in anything other than the physical is on an even playing field.  Physiological fact; men and women do not differ in the characteristics of their muscles, they respond the same to stimuli and the training should be the same.  Female athletes will benefit tremendously by incorporating snatching and cleaning movements into their training program.  Adaptations resulting from these large muscle-mass multi- joint exercises transfer well to performance.   If you want to be the best fighter then you must train appropriately, physically and mentally.

From G.I. Jane to Barbie Doll, the She Beast is not opposed to exuding her feminine wiles at the appropriate times.  She can be strong and powerful or soft and demure; aggressive and cunning or passionate and loving.  Her assets are many and when it comes to battle the femme fatale will fell you with her weaponry.  She asks only to be treated with equality and respect.  That will grant you an ally of unmatched loyalty but cross her  and she will kick your ass.

Balls said the queen, unleash your beast!

Paula Jager CSCS is owner/operator of Jaguar Total Fitness at 11730 N Dale Mabry, Tampa:  813-908-6464,  HYPERLINK “”,

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