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Saturday, July 11, 2009

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Unleashing the Beast

Teams of 4 to 5

Jarrod’s Jaguars
Chris’s Cougars
Carol Ann’s Tigers

All of the cats did a medley of various exercises including but not limited to:  bear crawls, crab walks, sledgehammer/OH MB/plate runs, push ups, squats, sit ups, swings, chin ups, back extensions, wall balls, dead lifts, thrusters, sumo dead lift high pulls, burpees, burpulls, manmakers,, front squats, lunges, renegade rows, jumping jacks,, box jumps, knees to elbows, snatches, push press, turkish get ups, sledgehammer slams, dips, tire flips and drags.

Cats on the prowl
Cats on the prowl

We had an absolute blast during our workout today and could not have asked for better weather, although it doesn’t matters if its raining.  All of the first timers today did an outstanding job of hanging with our regulars.  We welcome you with open ams to our wild and crazy BUT fit family.

Welcome Tereza, Shaina, Kevin, Elyse and Lorena!

Due to the increasing number of CrossFitters we will be adding additional classes very soon.  New class times will be posted on the website schedule and preceded by a member email blast.

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