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Saturday, April 18, 2009

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fixed Card Game (30 minutes)

Each participant draws a card, performs the designated exercise and continues to draw cards for the duration of the game.

Clubs:                     25 box jumps
Spades:                  15 1 arm snatches
Hearts:                   100 M sprint
Diamonds:            20 push press (65#/45#)
Joker:                     3 minutes on Versa Climber
Ace:                         15 tire flips
King:                        10 burpees
Queen:                     20 knees to elbows
Jack:                        15 dips

Before:  1/15/09
Before: 1/15/09
After:  4/18/09
After: 4/18/09
Congratulations Carol Ann!!  Carol Ann participated in the 12 week nationwide CEO Fitness Challenge. She was the Captain of her 5 person team and we are awaiting the results from the other participating teams.  During the 12 week challenge Carol Ann did 5 to 6 CrossFit workouts per week, diligently listened and followed (key word there–followed) our CrossFit nutritional recommendations.  She removed flour, sugar, alcohol, processed foods and ate meat, fish, fowl, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.  She lost 13 pounds, over 7% body fat and has the confidence, strength and mentality of a true She Beast!!  Not to mention she wears her spandex well–YOU GO GIRL!!  Stay tuned for her complete story in our Testimonials section. . .



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