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Sandy Ingram aka “Spunky”

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sandy-smallI have been a runner for over 15 years, typically training between 15 –25 miles per week.   I always thought of myself as being in very good condition until I took Paula’s introductory Cross Fit Class. 

It was a huge wake call to me – while my “cardio” may be way above average, I was totally lacking in physical strength.  I began Cross Fit in January and noticed results within weeks. It was very motivating to see my body change and my strength improve so quickly.

While weight loss wasn’t my primary objective, I‘ve lost 16 lbs.  I now have a strong and toned body and can compete with both the men and women half my age in our group workouts. I also follow the Metabolic Typing Program Paula recommended and no longer have crazy cravings or run out of energy.  Cross Fit is very challenging but the rewards both physically and mentally keep me coming back week after week.


Coach’s Comments: For all you women (and men) out there that think gaining weight is inevitable in the 50’s and a “normal part of aging”, think again. Sandy got her nickname “Spunky” after losing 16 pounds and literally bouncing into the gym everyday. It’s nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Way to go Spunky!!

Comments: 1

  1. I know “Spunky” personally and while I always thought she looked good, she looks FABULOUS now!!!
    Her story has motivated me to get off my duff and do something about that 10-15 pounds I’ve always wanted to lose but didn’t think it was possible over the age of 50.
    I wish I had a “Paula” in Jacksonville to help kick start my road to fitness. But most of the credit has to go to Sandy for having the drive, desire, and the right amount of “Spunk” to work hard and get the results she has gotten.
    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!

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