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Robert D.

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I wanted to find a workout that my wife Janet and I could do together. We did the ‘gym thing’ before, but that didn’t work out.

We tried running, but Janet didn’t like it that much. So I Googled ‘CrossFit’, and saw that Crossfit Jaguar had ‘Crossfit Lite’! I met with Paula, and she explained how Crossfit Lite worked. I was sold, and bought it for Janet and me as a Christmas present! I must admit that I lied to Janet and told her it was a 3-month membership because I was afraid she might not give it a chance. But she proved me wrong!

My first impression was how much importance was given to form over strength. I really liked how our coaches took time to ensure I was doing the exercise properly. My first achievement was doing 10 push ups in a row!  My current goal is to do 1 pull-up.

My favorite Jaguar memory? Meeting all the nice people that attend. No one has an attitude, and there is no profanity. Everyone just wants to have a good workout and have some fun!