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Skill focus: One full Tabata for each – no rest in between go right into the next movement

– Hollow Hold

– Deadbug

– Plank hold

WOD: E3 minutes for 12 minutes (4 rounds)

25/18 cal on AAB or Row*

Max Double Unders in remaining time (sub single unders divided by 3  lateral hops)

*must do AAB or Row at least once

REST 5 minutes

E3 minutes for 12 minutes (4 rounds)

400 m run

Max pullups in remaining time (Sub  Rogue bar pullups  Jumping Pullups  Ring Rows)

Coach note: If absolutely necessary – stagger the WODs. If people KNOW they won’t make the calories under the time cap, have them get off the bike rower after 2:15 off each round

Score: Total T2B and total DU (separate scores)

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