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Part 1: Nutritional Basics & Intro

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Around this time of the year people the world over are seeking guidance and help on losing body fat.  The holidays have passed and the reality of the weeks of indulgence has firmly settled on the hips and waistline of the American public (mine included).

There are pills, machines, internet gurus, diet “doctors” and more ways to drop the unwanted pounds than one can count.  The confusion and mis information can be very overwhelming.  It needn’t be tho, it’s actually quite simple.  So simple it eludes many people and professionals – eat the right foods in the right amount and move more.

The CrossFit prescription (summarized) for nutrition is to eat meat, fish and fowl (from pastured sources), vegetables, some fruits and starch (from roots and tubers) in amounts that will support energy but not bodyfat.

Implementing and sticking to this is where many people face challenges.  Being a more “mature” individual I grew up in an era when mothers cooked and the majority of meals were eaten at home.  Much of the food was “organic” although not labeled that way and purchased from local butcher shops where it was sourced from small, local farms and vegetables were often from neighboring gardens.

In 2019 it’s a different world.  With the global and corporate power over farming and food we’ve taken a turn for the worse with consumers facing the unhealthy effects of hybridization, GMO and over saturation with pesticides and chemicals.  If you want to eat ‘healthier’ you will pay big bucks for pastured meats, fowl, wild seafood and organic fruits and vegetables.  Is it worth it?

In my opinion yes.  I can’t wait for the research to prove the ill effects or the change to happen.  I’m willing to spend more now and give up other things for a payoff in long term health.

We work with many different people with varying lifestyles and budgets.  We realize not everyone can afford or is willing to sacrifice to eat the way they should.  We work off of a good, better, best system and help our members find the best lifestyle for where they are at the moment.  Eating whole, real foods can still do a world of good for someone’s health and waistline even if they are conventionally raised and not organic.

Another challenge is not cooking your own food either because you don’t like to or don’t know how.  If you don’t like to cook and have the means to pay someone to do it there are many healthy meal option services out there.  If not, one can learn to cook the basics, it’s not as difficult as it may seem.  It can help you shed pounds, improve your health and actually save money along the way.  Fast foods, processed and pre packaged foods are definitely more expensive not to mention far less healthy.

It all starts with education and teaching each individual how to make it a lifestyle and one that is sustainable for them for the long term.  At CrossFit Jaguar we focus equally on the nutritional practices and the exercise.  The results are far superior when both are optimized to the full potential.  Let us help you make 2019 your best year yet!

Stay tuned for Part 2:  The ‘Meat’ of the Matter. . .