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Athletes of the Month October 2015: Dan S. and Raquel M.

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About 1 ½ years ago a somewhat quiet college student walked into CF Jaguar and began to see what the workouts were all about.  It didn’t take Raquel long to make friends and feel right at home.  A star swimmer in high school, Raquel’s competitive spirit was reignited after just a few months here. 

Raquel had very good endurance when she came here which quickly improved even more but was somewhat new to lifting heavy weights.  She was encouraged by our coaches to exceed her self perceived limitations and put more weight on her bar.  She listened and her strength increased dramatically along with a quick grasp of the more technical lifts.

Well, why stop with daily workouts and camaraderie when you can throw in a competition from time to time?  To date, Raquel has taken first place with her teammate at our in-house competition, came in second at Barbell Wars with her team and gave her all at BOTB! 

In between all of that, Raquel graduated and is now a teacher and head swim coach applying her passion for teaching and CrossFit to both the classroom and the sport of swimming! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her next…

Two and a half years ago,  Dan walked into CF Jaguar looking for a new box.  After just a few workouts he decided CF Jaguar felt like home.  Athletic in nature Dan came in well rounded, with no glaring weaknesses.  He just wanted to be better at everything!

Dan dug in his heels and took it to the next level.  His endurance greatly improved and not only was he crushing metcons but destroying 400, 800, and mile times.  Strength was another aspect of Dan’s fitness that shot up dramatically with his efforts and he continues to PR still on a routine basis.

Like Raquel, Dan chose to take it to the competitive level and has competed in several moving recently into the RX division and placing quite well.  What’s his secret?  Hard work and consistency.

In addition about a year ago Dan became a coach at CF Jaguar and shares his passion and talents with new members as part of the On Ramp coaching staff, enabling them to explore within and start on the path to achieving their goals.

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Raquel and Dan as October’s Athletes of the Month!

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