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October 2012: Nat A

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Athlete of the Month October 2012: Nat A.

When I first met Nat she came in for a private intro. I remember thinking “wow, she’s a year older than me” (since I hold the waiver with the dob on it) and looks pretty fit. She was. She had taken good care of herself over the years, worked as a firefighter and was in good shape. My quick summation was– you’re going to really do well at CF. Welcome aboard.

Here we are almost 2 years later and damn! At 53 years of age Nat is by far one of our fittest members. She had muscle when she came in but she’s put on more and sports a gorgeous pair of shoulders and arms. She had some strength when she came in but now deadlifts 205# for reps. Her current endurance belies that of someone 30 years younger and her skills and CF accomplishments grow by the month. She easily knocks out dead hang pull ups, along with kipping and now butterflys. A shining example of what “maturity” should really look like and for those that use age as an excuse.

Even more than that is her spirit and personality. Nat is at every CF Jaguar event lending support, helping out and just being an overall great teammate and friend. Nat, we are so glad you have become a leading member of our community and proudly salute you as CF Jaguar’s October AOM!

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