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October 2010: Richard N.

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Athlete of the Month October 2010: Richard N.


It never ceases to amaze me how fitness and the right nutrtion change a person’s life. Richard is CF Jaguar October’s Athlete of the Month. Take a quick look at Richard’s picture from a little over a year ago. . .


Change is gradual but boy does it add up. . .

By completing revamping his nutritional lifestyle to that of a Primal one, participating in 2 Fitness Challenges, a large part from private sessions with Coach Mike working very closely with him through back issues not to mention one on one nutritional counseling for well over a year along with group class particpation Richard has developed an excellent foundation and lost over 76 pounds. How’s that for a stellar example of goal setting, hard work, discipline, consistency and determination? And the results, aside from the obvious external ones are numberous: improved bloodwork results, increased energy and clarity of mind–in other words–transformational. Life is not the same, it is much, much better. . .

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