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October 2008 Fit Tip

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I’d like to share a personal story with you this week in reference to the heart failure I experienced, figuratively speaking.  Everyone knows I am a little “extreme” in my thoughts and actions in health and fitness.  So you can only imagine what it would be like to be married to me and live with me on a day to day basis especially over the course of a few decades.  Many people people have expressed sympathy for my husband.  In for a routine physical last week my husband, who has had a heart murmur his whole life, was advised by his physician to get a follow up echocardiogram .  The tests showed a narrowed or stenotic aortic valve due to a congenital (born with) defect having a bicuspid valve rather than the normal tricuspid valve which means the heart has to work harder.  Open heart surgery with a valve replacement is standard treatment once symptoms arise.

Upon hearing the news about my otherwise extremely fit and healthy husband; who has no choice but to eat healthy and exercise, I thought there was something wrong with my heart for 2 days.  After visitng an internist,  2 cardiologists, a heart surgeon, relentlessly searching the internet for hours on end and not sleeping for 2 nights the outcome was:  “you have no symptoms; you take no medications, you are at an excellent weight for your height 6′ 170 lbs and a 33″ waist.  Your blood pressure  is 130/60,  total cholesterol of 173 and you are not at any risk for a heart attack from this.  You resistance train and perform cardiovascular exercise 5-6 times a week with no adverse effects and your nutrition is working.  Let’s watch it more closely and repeat the test in 6 months.”  Whew!!!!   Still an issure that we must closely monitor and may need to be surgically dealt with in the future.   But the point I am getting at is because of  his lifestyle of exercising consistently and eating correctly for the majority of his life and having overall excellent health he has been able to avoid this or at least put it off for many more years.  Not having these habits may have resulted in open heart suregery 10 to 20 years ago.  He’s no spring chicken, he will be 60 1 month from today.  I think that calls for a party; I may even let him have 2 beers (LOL).

While we have no control over a congenital heart defect or any other genetic factors what we do have control over is the decisions we make DAILY on what we put into our bodies, whether or not we exercise and other healthy lifestyle choices.

And the HEART of the matter is:  THEY’RE CUMULATIVE!!  So what are you waiting for?  A heart attack?  We have fitness programs to suit many needs and our Metabolic Typing Nutrition Program will have your next CMP (Complete Metabolic Profile) and CBC (Complete Blood Count) showing major league improvement.  So give us a call to start NOW!  Speaking of major league.   Goooooooo Rays!

Have a Heart Healthy Weekend! 
Paula Jager CSCS
Jaguar Total Fitness
11730 N Dale Mabry Hwy.
Tampa, FL. 33618

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