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Athletes of the Month November 2015: Coach Melissa and Coach Jonathan

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Melissa aka “Mighty Mite”

Three and a half years ago, Melissa walked into CrossFit Jaguar .  She was very eager and excited to learn what CrossFit was all about.  She would stay after the WOD asking many questions, wanting to learn more, do more and improve.

She was a little shy and unsure of herself and we constantly ‘encouraged’ her to put more weight on the bar.  She reluctantly listened and within about a month was knocking out dead hang pull ups.  Her lifts went up and up and up.  Her nickname became Mighty Mite and she began to look like a little female action hero.

Melissa continued to grow and improve at a rapid pace.  When she graduated from USF with a degree in sports science we asked what do you want to do?  “Work at CF Jaguar” she replied.  And that she did.

Melissa started coaching a few classes, got her Level 1, began competing in CF, switched to power lifting and at the encouragement of quite a few of the coaches and her workout buddies registered for a meet.  And at her second meet she took home the world record in the 97 pound weight class.  Impressive to say the least.

Today Melissa coaches many classes and is the assistant manager at CF Jag.  She’s now set her site on an Oly lifting comp in addition to continuing in power lifting.  We are proud to call her coach, friend and inspiration.


Over two years ago a bright, young man walked into CF Jaguar after moving to Tampa to attend USF.  He had been CrossFitting for about two years and coaching at his “box in Miami”.  For about the first 6 months all we heard was ‘this is how we do it at my box in Miami’!

Shortly after his arrival a coaching position opened up at CF Jaguar and we just had a gut feeling that Jonathan was right for the job.  Even though he was young, he had accumulated quite an impressive amount of knowledge, lifting technique and was able to impart it with much success relating well to the members.

Well that gut feeling was right and Jonathan had taken many members to the next level especially through spearheading our now very popular Barbell Club class.  Not only has he enabled many members to become better athletes but he too has grown considerably.  He’s stronger and competes year round in local competitions placing very well.  In addition he did an outstanding job as this year’s head judge at our ever growing Battle of the Boxes competition.

We are blessed to have the pleasure of Jonathan coaching at CF Jag. And while he still visits and never forget his ‘box in Miami’ we heard the last time he was there he mentioned “this is how we do it at my box in Tampa”.

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Coaches Melissa and Jonathan as November’s Athletes of the Month!


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