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November 2012: Jesse S

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Athlete of the Month November 2012:  Jesse S

Jesse joined CF Jaguar in Sept 2009.  It was an immediate like when his smiling face walked into the box.  He had just begun his career and had a desk job with the Tribune.  While he was certainly without a weight issue Jesse was concerned with the high cholesterol and heart disease that ran in his family.  His “doctor” was pushing drugs on him and he just didn’t want to start a lifetime of dependency at his young age.  “Can you help me”, he asked.  Thus it began. . .

Jesse was determined–I will never forget his first wod (we didn’t have an On Ramp program at that time).  It was a brutal Saturday wod in the September heat.  I told him to scale if he needed but he didn’t; he completed the entire wod as rx’d.  He later told me he had to sit in his car for 30 min before he was able to drive, stopped in the parking lot and 2 more times on the way home.  You’ve come a long, long way.

Because of the nutritional and lifestyle changes Jesse was willing to make he has long since regained his health and taken care of any medical concerns to the amazement of his “doctor” and continues to improve in every aspect.  His endurance improved dramatically –he sailed through the Tough Mudder last year and is going for his second round this coming Sat.   His strength gains have skyrocketed and in the process added of a couple of slabs of muscle making him a lean, mean fighting machine.  Not the biggest guy in the box but more heart and determination you won’t find.  Jesse has competed in 2 CF competitions and more than held his own against guys twice his size.  He’s done challenges, been at all box events and is always supporting teammates and  those needing help.

And along the way he met another box member–Tiffanie-a pretty little fit blond and they have been a happy couple for over 2 years now.  Jesse, we may have helped in the beginning but you are the one that made the efforts, changes and did all the hard work.  CF Jaguar proudly salutes you as November’s AOM!  So glad you’re part of our family and a friend.


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