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November 2008 Fit Tip

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Two things in this world that I make it a point to never discuss with clients and even friends are religion and politics.  So no matter where your heart was on election day a decision  was made by the people.  We can look forward with hope that change will indeed come, change for the better.  This country is not where it should be in regards to many issues.  The change may be for the better or the worse; that remains to be seen, but change was necessary for what was being done was not working.

What does “change” mean to you?  Change can mean to transform or convert, to make or become different, an about-face, a difference in development, reconstruction, to metamorphose, reform, renovate or revolutionize.  To me these words are all positve.  They can be applied to many facets of our life.  How many of us continue to do the same things over and over again expecting different results?  I know I am guilty of that.  Well, sometimes we need to grow a brain; if it’s not working change is necessary.  If the same exercise program produces undesirable or no results–change it.  If the same nutritional strategy produces no change or weight gain–change it. If the same bad habits produce the same bad results–change them.

Eventually you reach a breaking point and that is different for everyone but when you reach it you will know it; you will either give up and slowly decline or you will  make positive changes and your results will improve.  Many times it takes more than one change, several over a period of time.  Change one thing, one small thing, observe the results.  Are they positive–then continue with that behavior and make another change.  But to remain stagnant, in a rut, repeating behaviors over and over again that bring negative results is self defeating at best.

While national politics are beyond my scope of practice exercise and nutrition are what we do best.  Visit the website for current specials and promotions.  The Metabolic Typing Nutrition Program will be available Monday November 17th.  I apologize for the delay but there were set up procedures to follow that involved other parties.  If you have personally responded and signed up for the program I will be in touch with further information next week.

In closing in the slightly “changed” words of Mick Jagger. . .

It’s down to me
The difference is the choice I make
Down to me, the change has come,
It’s under my thumb.

Become Fit to Change!

Paula Jager CSCS
Jaguar Total Fitness
11730 N Dale Mabry Hwy.
Tampa, FL. 33618

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