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Monday, May 4, 2009

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Lil’ Eva Dead

Deadlift 5.5.5

30 DB swings (70#/50#)
30 pull ups
800 M run

3 rounds for time

When pigs fly


It’s the immune system. . .

Unless you live in a cave everyone is well aware of the dire warnings about swine flu, the outbreak that started in the Mexican village of La Gloria and which local residents blame on infection and/or toxins coming from local confinement hog operations.  The internet is abuzz with warnings bordering on hysteria (conventional media) to a variety of conspiracy theories, and even to allegations that the pandemic is a government fabrication designed to sell stockpiles of anti-viral medications.  Conventional medical advice ranges from wearing face masks to taking the anti viral drug called tamiflu (which can have many serious side effects).

This isn’t the first time a potential pandemic like this has occurred in history.  And history often repeats itself; here’s an excellent article about the 1976 swine flu

And what about our immune systems?  Where are the messages about building natural immunity?  I do not think it is a big deal for those of us who strive for healthy lifestyles.  Follow these guidelines to beef up yours:

  a.. Keep your vitamin D levels high, you’ve little change of contracting the flu when they are optimal.  We live in Florida, get out in the sunshine 30 minutes a day.  If that is too hard for you, take a teaspoon of cod liver oil
  b.. Exercise!  Get moving for 30 minutes a day, it makes our body stronger, increases circulation of blood and nutrients and helps flush the body of toxins
  c.. Get plenty of rest and sleep, the body rejuvenates and strengthens when it is at rest.  We require at least 8 hours of sleep a night
  d.. Eat nutritious meals consisting of wholesome nourishing foods; such as meat, fish, fowl, vegetables, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.
  e.. Cut down on worry and learn to destress; stress and depression effect the body physically and can weaken the immune system
  f.. Take a whole food multi vitamin, including vitamins A, C and E.  Food sources include vegetables, fruits, raw dairy products, greens and meats
  g.. Drink plenty of water, this helps flush the body of toxins and keeps you well hydrate

So before you don your mask or poison yourself with Tamiflu take a few deep breaths and practice the tips above.  Your immune system will soon be functioning like a division of Green Berets

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