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Monday, June 1, 2009

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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fall in Love

Overhead Squat 5.5.5

and then. . .

20 OH squats @ 60% of your 5 rm
20 push ups
5 each Turkish get ups (30#/20#)
100 m sprint

4 rounds for time

No short strokes here
No short strokes here

Why is it that when overhead squats get written on the white board I hear collective groans?  We do a lot of wicked workouts.  It is most likely because they are difficult to perform correctly.  Many people “short stroke” their overhead squat by not going deep enough, using poor from or more weight than their core can support.  Some clients have a slight genetic advantage by being well leveraged with excellent flexibility.  They have no problems performing this exercise and are getting quite adept at it with increasing strength levels.  Personally this is the most challenging exercise for me to do.  It is not something I was used to doing and I had to check my ego and lighten it up.  Let’s face it most of us do not enjoy doing things we are not “good” at.

Does that mean you should not do them.  No.  Does it mean you should do them more often?  Yes.  You can back squat, front squat, shoulder press, do various core exercise and stretch daily but in order to improve on your overhead squat you must overhead squat.  Period.  With a pvc pipe or broomstick if you have to.  Develop the proper form and range of motion and work up from there.  The weight will come.  It will take time, patience and practice.  Is is worth it? Yes.

It will improve your shoulder flexibility and stability, develop a powerful upper back and substantial core strength.  One thing that has helped me improve (albeit slowly) is to have a different outlook towards them.  I have learned to love overhead squats becuase the more difficult a movement is the more beneficial it will be to overall development when improvement occurs.  And isn’t that why we train?

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