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I’m probably one of the few who can say that CrossFit came to me and I am grateful.  We had a health fair at work and of course me being me, I’m going to gravitate to the exercise tables, because who really wants another sample of a protein shake or granola?  My body clearly needed something else.

I had been wanting to get back into a workout routine but the location of my work place and my home are not in the same county.  As with most people, I have done boot camps, instructional DVD’s, running, walking…you name it, just trying to fit something into my day but due to my poor time management, all it did was add unwanted stress.

Thanks to Jaguar, I have been able to turn my lunch hour into my workout hour and what a difference it has made.  Life is good!

I was very apprehensive at first.  I wondered, what am I getting myself into?  You walk in, you realize you’re not in a typical gym. There are no treadmills, fancy weight machines or TV’s.  It was just the basics, a couple different cardio machines, weights in many different shapes and sizes, a funny looking contraption w/rings on strings hanging from it, a whole bunch of boxes to sit on and ropes hanging from the ceiling that I can only assume are there to assist you off the box that you are sitting on.

I have learned that you don’t need any of that fancy equipment.  When I walk in now I see an opportunity.  An opportunity… to add on more weight during the workout if I want to, to jump over that stupid jump rope without stepping on it or getting whipped in the shins, to pull that pull up bar under my chin without the use of bands, to push that plate down the turf as fast as I can even when it’s trying to bring me to my knees midway through.  But most of all, I see an opportunity to improve my health while strengthening my body. 

I guess my first achievement was kicking into a handstand.  Although everyday seems to have some sort of an achievement whether it’s big or small. It’s those achievements that make me want to come back class after class and see what else this old body can do.  It’s exciting!

Thanks to the Cross Fit Open, I am working on everything.  Even though I have so much to work on, I am happy with my progress and can’t wait (really I can) for the Open next year.

My favorite memory is the day I became a true CrossFitter which is when I signed up for the CrossFit Open!  I would always joke with my workout buddies about how we are not true CrossFitters because of our limitations during a workout.  We started treating it like a game of hangman.  If we did the workout as intended or if we improved, then we get to add a letter C R O S S F I _ _ _ _.  Needless to say, it’s been fun trying to fill in the blanks.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to Paula, coaches Kim, Melissa and Kelly and my work out buddies for getting me started and keeping me going.  I am truly blessed to be a part of the Jaguar family.

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