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What brought me to CrossFit in the first place?  A Groupon.  That damn Groupon…gets me every time. Smh.
Back then: My first impression was “This is a lot more fun than going to the gym for 90 min. You go through the misery of a WOD in a group setting and develop long lasting relationships because of the shared pain/experience. Repeat everyday.  I’m in.” How has that changed? Now….it’s the same. Through the injuries, competitions, disappointments, failures, PR’s and personal victories…I honestly still feel the same. I love it. It’s a big part of my health – mentally and physically.
 Back in 2013, I competed in my first CrossFit comp on a whim. I walked up and they had an open spot.   I took a water break in the middle of a 6 min WOD (FAIL). I also did 30 unbroken pull-ups in another WOD. Didn’t think I could do that. Finished around 60th out of 70 but had a great time. It was fun to compete and feel the rush of pushing yourself beyond what you thought possible.
I’m working on my mobility and flexibility more consistently. ROMWOD and post WOD stretching.
My favorite CF Jaguar memory was the 2015 Battle of the Boxes. A couple of layers. 1) A little side battle/wager developed between Team Border Patrol vs. Team Beauty and the Beast.  It was close throughout and was going to come down to the last WOD. We (Team Border Patrol) came out on top in the narrowest of victories. I couldn’t have been any more proud of my teammates and how we pulled together at the end. It was fun and tense but never in a negative way. In the end, we all hugged it out and it was all love…but bragging rights are always sweet!
2) The driving rain storm could’ve completely derailed this day. All volunteers and staff stayed on task…eyes on the prize….and pulled off a nearly impossible event. Logistically…it should’ve been a disaster but it all came together. Still one of the best run comps I’ve ever been a part of and Crossfit Jaguar as a whole should be proud of that day.

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