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May 2013: Kim S.

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Athlete of the Month May 2013:  Kim S.

he honor of being AOM is generally given to a member; although Kim is now a coach at first she was a member. . .

. . . over 3 and a half years ago Kim first walked into the box on a referral from another member.  Kim had an athletic build but hadn’t worked out consistently for awhile and was not as lean as she’d like to be.  She was quiet and not overly confident.  She had a good base of strength but lacked endurance.  One thing Kim did do from the very beginning was to give her best effort and never quit or give up.

After  a few months her already good strength began to soar, her endurance began to improve.  Over the course of a few years Kim entered at least 3 fitness challenges improving her knowledge of nutrition and implementing it into her lifestyle over the course of each.  She got leaner, stronger and faster.  She  compteted in several area CF competitions giving 110% both in performance and support to teammates and others.  Running was a challenge yet she competed in several 5 k’s, 5 mile runs and a half marathon–facing and overcoming challenges.

She began setting goals; she has a list on the Goal chalkboard wall where she has consistently achieved them crossing off and adding others as she continues to grow and improve.  She visualizes the way she wants things to be.  About 1 1/2 years ago Kim shyly expressed an interest in coaching.  Although hesitantly at first she has evolved into one of our outstanding coaches sharing her knowledge/transformation and lifestyle  with other members.  Over the last 3-4 months Kim has taken her coaching, training and nutritional practices to an even higher level.  While her strength has also been just that her weakness or lack of endurance is no longer.  She has been putting up amazing times in wods that were previously a struggle and she is without a doubt the leanest she has ever been.  I believe it is her ability to develop at an even deeper level.  Kim is no longer “quiet” and has just  the right amount of confidence:)

Kim, we love you as a coach, friend and shining leader of our community.  CF Jaguar proudly salutes Kim S. as May’s AOM!

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