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May 2012: Antonio S.

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Athlete of the Month May 2012:  Antonio S.

What can I say?  I remember the first time Kim, Antonio’s wife, begged him to come to class.   She couldn’t wait to make it a family affair.  He loved it (I think) but was quite winded that day and not sure what to make of all of us.  He wasn’t quite sure of what a power clean was either but was willing to learn.

Let’s just fast forward well over a year and he is killing it–absolutely killing it!  A sprinter at heart but his endurance has improved dramatically.  As for the Oly lifts, he pr’s nearly monthly and is sharing his knowledge and helping other members and newbies.  Strength in all the major lifts are also pr’d quite frequently.  Lean and mean by nature he didn’t have any weight to lose however by adopting a more primal nutritional lifestyle in addition to his training his phyqique has exploded with muscle and he is leaner and harder than ever.

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