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May 2011: Bill R.

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Athlete of the Month May 2011: Bill R.



CF Jaguar salutes Bill Rodriquez as May’s Athlete of the Month. Bill came to us fairly strong and flexible but he hadn’t worked out for some time and “didn’t run”. Nine months later–he’s lost over 35 lbs, his endurance has shot through the roof, he runs circles around some of the younger CFr’s and he’s stronger than before. No matter what the challenge of the wod Bill refuses to quit and always finishes with a smile on his face as well as encourages the others to finish and has become quite the Team player. Bill has moved to Brandon and we wish him well in his new locale.

Bill, we hope you drop in as often as you can. You have come so far and we will dearly miss seeing you on a regular basis. I will especially miss our conversations. The best of luck as you continue on your fitness journey–you better stay in touch!!

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