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May 2009 Fit Tip

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Somatopause is the ultimate “Baby Boomer Bulge”.  It’s been called the middle-age spread and the middle-age blimp out.  But whatever you call it it’s a physical reality for 80 million middle age adults.


As we age our production of growth hormone declines.  that coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and poor nutritional choices leads us to weight gain, fatigue and loss of muscle.  Some things are out of our control but many are not.  There’s only 2 ways to correct this.  One is growth hormone injections which are both costly and carry serious side effects.  The other is a natural cure which consists of intense anaerobic exerc ise and hormonally enhancing nutrition.  I am only 49 but have begun to experience the effects of aging first hand.  Am I going to accept this as an inevitable reality or am I going to attack it like a Gladiator?  I would assume you all know the answer to that question.

Let’s focus instead on Client Spunky (whose name we will withold until her testimonial comes out).  The pictures of Spunky were taken 2/13/09 and 5/21/09.  Hmmm, looks a little leaner around the old hip and midsection area.  What could have possibly made that occur?  Spunky is female, 5o something years young and went from 137 lbs to 122 lbs in just over 3 months.  Was she sick?  No.  Has she gone through menopause?  Yes.  Did she attribute the thickening in her hip and abdominal area, fatigue, cravings and mood swings to hormones and aging?  Yes.

Spunky did no weight training, did not eat “bad”, was a distance runner and had been for over 15 years; she had accepted weight gain and lethargy to mainstream excuses of aging and hormonal changes.  What did she do to achieve these incredible results?  She began CrossFit training in January along with the Metabolic Nutrition program and Cross Fit nutritional practices.  We radically changed her diet along with her workouts; the weight began falling off, energy returned, fatigue and mood swings, along with cravings disappeared.  Her strength increased, her body composition changed and Spunky routinely SMOKES the younger CrossFitters in our daily workouts.  Spunky is fit, very fit!!  Well, I’ll be damned and who said weight gain is inevitable as we age?

Growing old gratefully is the key to growing old gracefully.  But being thankful to be alive–and therefore getting older–does not mean that aging should not be combined with every tool that we have at our disposal.  Rather, the war against aging is an affirmation of life, and it should be waged as aggressively and vigorously as possible.  Thus, where determined resistance coexists with gratefgul acceptance, the ideal anti aging mindset is achieved.  Rob Faigin

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