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AthleteS of the Month March 2015: Tiffany S. and Don G.

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Due to the overwhelming number of outstanding Jaguar members we are honoring both a male AND female athlete each month so that we can better spread the well deserved recognition!  And to kick that off we have two exemplary picks for March!

Ladies before gentlemen. . .

When Tiffany S. walked into the box two years ago there was no doubt she was an athlete; fresh out of college and in the beginning of her career, her athletics had temporarily taken a back seat. After about one week the Kool Aid began to take effect; she was re-inspired and couldn’t get enough. Fast forward. . .

Tiffany’s innate talent for athleticism catapulted. She embraced the CF methodology full force and immediately began to lean out, build more muscle, and achieve PR’s in strength that even she couldn’t believe. Power was already her middle name but her endurance began to improve significantly; she started killing the WODs, and came in early and stayed late to work on any weaknesses and mobility.

Tiffany embodies the do or die mentally with the talent to back it up whether she’s at a competition, in a fitness challenge or the daily WOD. With all that brawn and beauty Tiffany is also humble by nature; always sharing, caring and going out of her way to support and encourage other members.

And what better gentleman for March’s Male AOM than Don G.?

Don came into CF Jaguar a little over two years ago. He was an athlete in college, it had been a few years since sport had played a major roll in his life. But the body remembers and Don quickly regained all and more. Don came in strong and he’s even stronger now; he squats 445 lbs, benches 360 lbs and jerks 315 lbs–Don is powerful and Don is fast.

In the beginning, endurance was a weakness but rather than just continue to improve his strengths he took his weakness and turned it into strength. Since the early days Don has run several obstacle, mud and Spartan races—a couple of them 8+ miles. He often heads them up encouraging his friends and other members to join him and he performs well. Don is also about 20 pounds leaner than we he came in. How’d that happen? Well after about one year of CrossFitting and quite a few improvements, Don began to question his nutrition and its effects on his performance. He competed in one of our fitness challenges and with our guidance completely revamped his nutrition. And not merely for the duration of the 8 week challenge but permanently. He’s found a sustainable balance that allows his nutrition to both enhance performance and energy levels and maintain an athletic body composition.

Both Tiffany and Don have embraced the CF Jag style training and diet along with continually giving back to our community.

Heck, they even have their own hashtags! #FacebookforTiff and #FacebookforDon!

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Tiffany and Don as March’s Athletes of the Month!

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