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March 2013: Devin O.

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Athlete of the Month March 2013:  Devin O.

Everytime we run a Groupon/Living Social deal we always wonder “why did we do this” when the flood of newbies comes through the door.  Who’s gonna make it we wonder.  Well, let me tell you we have gotten some AMAZING members out of those “deals” that are a large part of our terrific community.  One such member is Devin O’Connor.  Planning on staying for just the month Devin walked into the box. . .

. . . not sure what we were about.  Devin was already in pretty good shape and a very good runner.  Now almost 2 years later and things have changed–immensely.  Devin wasn’t much of a lifter and didn’t quite know what to make of all the heavy weights.  His body sure did; strength went up, up and up.  Technique greatly improved and strength went up, up and up again.  And lo and behold that strength and power increased his already amazing speed.  Whenever we run sprints Devin is the rabbit or rather the speeding bullet.  Along with his overall improvements and body composition changes Devin has become a supportive member of our community.  Both he and his lovely bride to be Sashy are at most all community events lending help and support to other members as often as  needed.

Very well deserved and a long time coming Devin was recently crowned the Reigning Beast, a highly coveted Box honor and he is very, very proud of his trophy.  Rumor has it he is taking it on his upcoming honeymoon.  We of course wish them a happy ever aftering . .

Exemplary and worthy of both the Beast award and athlete of the month CF Jaguar proudly salutes Devin as March’s AOM!

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