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March 2012: Robby C.

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Athlete of the Month March 2012: Robby C.

Run Robby run. . . and when we met him almost 1 1/2 years ago that’s all he did.  With a history of 5, 10, 15 k’s along with some half and full marathons behind him he ran them well.  Lift Robby lift I first said and we worked on improving strength while getting him to stop running so much.  Fast forward to the present day and Robby’s strength has skyrocketed, he’s not running nearly as much but when he does he runs faster and has blown away his PR’s on every previous event.

And what about his nutrition?  Well, his weight was never that much of an issue but he quickly dropped 20 lbs during our first fitness challenge last year and has maintained that weight loss but the improvements in his body composition, overall eating habits and adherence to a Primal diet are most impressive and has become a lifestyle that not only he but his lovely wife Jennifer and their 2 children also adhere to.  They are shining examples of a healthy CrossFit family practicing what they preach and leading by example.  Robby, the transformation you have made in the year and a half is inspirational to what one can accomplish when one sets their mind to it, practices discipline and consistent hardcore efforts.  CrossFit Jagaur proudly salutes Robby Cantrell as March’s AOM.

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