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Madison G.

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Wow.  That was all I could say when we compared Madison’s pictures from one year ago when she started training at CF Jaguar.  We saw Madison regularly, we knew she was working hard, we knew she was making nutritional changes and we knew she was getting results. However – a picture is worth a thousand words.

It was definitely time for a success story. . .

CF Jaguar:  What were you looking to accomplish when you first walked into CF Jaguar and what was your first impression?

Madison:  “I was looking to get that competitiveness through a different type of exercise than what I was used too. I was a little intimidated at first with all the movements but I knew I would be able to catch on quickly “.

CFJ:  Did you accomplish your initial goals?

Madison:  “I did accomplish my initial goals. I was able to maintain a healthy diet and push myself everyday in the gym until I met a certain goal weight”.

CFJ:  Have you enjoyed your experience – what do you like best and what is your favorite memory?

Madison:  “I have loved my experience so far. What I like best is the friendliness from everyone at the gym. Everyone is very welcoming and will push you during each workout! They make you feel like family. Favorite memory is my very first workout bc it thoroughly kicked my butt even though Michelle and Joe said I looked like a natural”.

CFJ:  What are your current goals?

Madison:  “Current goals would be to maintain the healthy diet I have been on and to continue to become stronger and keep improving all the skills I learn everyday”.

Very proud of you Madison and the most important thing is you have made it a sustainable lifestyle!  Well done!