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Athletes of the Month June 2016: Ana L. and Jay O.

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On the timid side, Ana cautiously came to a trial Corporate fitness class at CF Jaguar to help relieve stress and a lack of energy. “I don’t know if I can do this” she said. “Of course you can!”, our coaches encouraged. “But I’ve never lifted weights” she said. “But you will love them!”, the coaches replied. We knew they would take her overall strength to the next level.
Well, it didn’t take long for Ana to fall in love with the CF WODs and learn the movements. And she kept adding weight to the bar. She came in for open gym time and improved her endurance and stamina by rowing, running and of course burpees.
She changed her nutrition along with adding in additional workouts and she started melted away to the tune of 20 plus pounds. With the loss of the body fat, a stronger more confident (and clearly no longer timid) Ana evolved. Some days she’s downright bossy. 😉 You can tell Ana is working hard when you hear the patented “Ana Scream”!
She is constantly surprising herself with how much she’s changed and how far she can push every class. Consistency, dedication and hard work once again have paid off.
Jay came to the Corporate class offered at CF Jag to see what his coworkers were raving about with their new found strength and energy. Quick to drink the Kool Aid Jay was hooked within the week.
Already a strong and muscular guy, Jay just wasn’t quite used to the intensity of our CF classes. But, he embraced the concept and rapid fire improvements. His endurance increased and he is constantly PRing his lifts.
Over a year later, Jay is rocking the workouts. Beyond the two classes a week, he is in here an additional three days sweating it out and encouraging his coworkers to do the same.
He is often seen jogging to the box with his gym bag on his back. Jay has fully embraced the CF lifestyle and it shows.
CF Jaguar proudly salutes Ana and Jay as CF Jag’s June Athletes of the Month!

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