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June 2013: Wes C

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Athlete of the Month June 2013:  Wes C

About 1  1/2 years ago Wes walked into CF Jaguar looking to gain some muscle and get in better overall shape.  Wes is a nice quiet athletic guy that quickly took to the CrossFit movements.  He has excellent flexibility and maintains it which is part of the reason his progress has accelerated so quickly along with his hard work and dedication.  Wes soon realized that nutrition played a big part in not only body composition but performance and health.  He made some major changes in his nutrition during a challenge which  transferred to his physique and performance.

Fast forward to the present day and Wes is still PR’ing in all the major lifts and is one of the strongest dudes in the community.  His endurance has improved–along with competing in several obstacle and mud runs in addition to local CF competitions.  Whatever Wes does he does well–always giving 110% along with support to others at events both in and out of the community.  Not only that Wes is also a business man and is in the process of opening his own sushi restaurant.  Wes defibnitely met his inital goal of gaining muscle and he is now busting out of his Under Armour shirts wearing them very well.   He is an upstanding member of our community and CF Jaguar proudly salutes Wes as June AOM!


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