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June 2011: Misty M.

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Athlete of the Month June 2011: Misty M.

Barbie with balls. When I first met her that is what I thought; and for those who know me that was meant as quite a compliment. Beauty, brawn and brains this girl’s got it all and CF Jaguar salutes Misty McCall as June’s Athlete of the Month.

Misty has been with us for over a year and a half and continues to astound us with her skills and performance. After an amazing debut in the Women’s Tri Fitness obstacle course competition last November Misty’s strength, speed and power seem to have no limits. At 5′ 3″, 115 lbs and a 220 lb deadlift–she can also knock out hspu’s like there’s no tomorrow. Look for this stick of dynamite to dominate the fall Tri Fit competition.

Misty–CF Jag’s June AOM–you wear it well!

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