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June 2010: Lindsay A.

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Athlete of the Month June 2010: Lindsay


Athlete of the Month: Lindsay Andrews
Lindsay started at CF Jaguar August of 2009, she was an excellent runner, had very good nutrition, fairly good leg strength and very little upper body strength. In fact, she could not do even 1 full push up let alone a pull up. When she would come in and see any type of overhead movement on the board she wanted to run out the door. Fast forward, almost a year later, workout consistency of 4-5x a week, intense efforts and Lindsay is an even faster runner, leg strength significantly improved, nutrition fine tuned to the point of excellence (trust me when I tell you I rarely give that mark) and upper body strength–incredible improvements. She is a member of the Girl’s w/ Pull Ups club, has an excellent kip and check out the muscular definition in the pecs, delts and lats in the above photo not to mention the intense focus. CF Jaguar salutes Lindsay as June’s Athlete of the Month.

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