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July 2009 Fit Tip

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Got milk?  Drink it raw!
Got milk? Drink it raw!


In case you’re curious. . . that’s a cream line.  This milk is RAW, unpasteurized and unhomoginized–the way nature intended.  Chances are if you didn’t grow up on  a dairy farm or are under age 65 you’ve never seen or tasted “real milk”.  It’s the way milk is supposed to be.  But if you listen to the FDA and Big Dairy they consider it a criminal offense and are cracking down on small dairy farms and the right to this healthy food like they were peddling heroin.  And it’s all because of 2 things:  money and politics.  Imagine that?

Let’s compare the 2.  ENZYMES in Raw:  all are available to your body, Pasteurized:  less than 10% remain, enzymes are necessary to help digest food.  PROTEIN in Raw:  100%  is present (all 22 amino acids), Pasteurized:  severly altered, much less available to you body.  FATS in Raw:  all 500 saturated & unsaturated fats are available.  Fatty acids are essential for every body cell to function.  Pasteurized:  homogenization breaks up the fat particles and makes them more damaging to the arteries and heart.  MINERALS in Raw:  100% available along with trace minerals, Pasteurized:  calcium is altered, leaving only 50% or less absorbed by the body, other minerals are less available as well.  VITAMINS in Raw:  all fat and water-soluble vitamins are 1005 available to your body, Pasteurized:  up to 66% loss of vitamins A, D, & E.  Loss of vitamin C over 50%.  All water-soluble vitamins are lost at 38-80% and vitamins B-6 & B-12 are virtually destroyed!  CARBOHYDRATES in Raw:  the lactose is slowly and safely absorbed.  Many lactose-intolerant people can safely drink raw milk, Pasteurized:  the lactose is more rapidly absorbed, possibly leading to various health problems.  the rapid absorption is believed by many doctors to cause lactose sensitivity and intolerance.  BACTERIA in Raw:  95% of the b acteris in raw milk is good for you.  This good bacteria also retard the growth of any possible bad bacteria in the milk.  Raw milk will keep for several weeks in the refrigerator.  Even sour raw milk is usually safe, Pastuerized:  no ggod bacteria remain to retard the growth of the bad bacteria.  Therefore, the only bacteria that grows back is pathogenic.  Sour pasteruized milk is always dangerous!

Sounds like an easy decision to me not to mention the taste difference is like night and day.  Once again, the more altered a food is from its natural state the worse it is for you.  Unfortunately raw milk is illegal to purchase for human consumption in the state of Florida.  You can however purchase it for your pet.  Here Kitty, Kitty. . .

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