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July 2011: Pierce L.

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Athlete of the Month July 2011:  Pierce L.

Pierce has been with us for well over a year and the gains he has made in strength and endurance are impressive to say the least. Pierce loves to pull and it shows. He PR’s on his deadlift and weighted pull up almost monthly. But he’s a balanced guy and the improvements he’s made in other areas are right along with it. His endurance continues to improve along with his speed.

Pierce’s nutrition wasn’t exactly as it should’ve been and we often joke with him about the totally honest food log he turned in during out last fitness challenge listing all his “indulgences”. But make changes he did, he learned to incorporate vegetables, reduce sugars/grains, plan meals and think before intaking. He ended up losing over 3% bodyfat and gaining lean muscle. CF Jaguar salutes Pierce as July’s AOM–you’ve come a long way baby. . .

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