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July 2008 Fit Tip

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When putting together your fitness plan you should begin with the end in mind.  Where is it you want to go?  How are you going to get there?  What are the obstacles you will have to overcome?  You must first create the vision, plan it out in your head and then put it into action.  Going in blind seldom works; you might accomplish a little but to really get the most consistent results you must take a more direct aim at the target or goal.  Use a rifle not a shotgun.  This is imperative whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

Let’s take the upcoming weekend as an example.  Many of us will be going on anywhere from a 3 day to week long vacation; that’s great–we all need those, myself included.  So are you going to “plan” out your strategy of maintaining some semblance of health and fitness or are you going to indulge in an all out binge for the duration of your vacation and totally derail yourself?  I’m all about R & R and indulging in moderation but a devil-may-care attitude will destroy past efforts and set you back.  I’ll be at the airport in the early am, a 3 hour flight, 2 hour car ride and 1 hour boat ride.  So from about 8am until 4pm am I at the mercy of whatever’s around as far as nutrition goes or do I have some control?  Remember response ability and pre-planning.? If you are driving it is even easier; however the airlines allow small soft side carry on coolers just no gel or water.  You can purchase water past the security check point.  I will have in that cooler fruit, unsalted raw nuts, hard boiled eggs, turkey sandwich on whole grain bread and chicken pieces.  I’ll eat breakfast before I go and that should provide me with 2-3 meals and snacks before I arrive at my destination that afternoon.  Therefore I am able to maintain my clean and healthy nutrition.  Upon arrival most all of us will have access to grocery stores and restaurants where we can make fairly healthy choices.  Indulge in moderation of your favorite treats once or twice while sticking to choices that support your goals the rest of the time.

Next obstacle, exercise?  Is there a fitness facility where you are going?  If so, plan on using it.  I will be in the Canadian wilderness and a day or so off from the weights will do a body good provided you have been strength training with consistency.  I can run (or walk) and kayak; throw in my running shoes and 2 workout outfits and I am good to go!  So no matter where you are going a little pre planning will take you a long way.  Nothing is more soothing or helps with soul searching than a walk or run in the beauty of nature be it the beach, the mountains or anywhere of the like.

Don’t derail yourself this weekend; enjoy some rest and relaxation but do a little self reflection; create your plan, see it, envision it and when you get back refreshed next week we’ll talk about how to put it into action.  Begin with the end in mind!

Have a Fit Fourth!!

Paula Jager
Jaguar Total Fitness
11730 N Dale Mabry
Tampa, FL  33618813.908.6464

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