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Jose B.

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I was able to lose over 100 pounds doing the normal “globo gym” routine & occasionally running, but after several years that got boring. A friend of mine who is super fit told me about this new gym he started going (Jaguar), invited me and several other friends to join the On Ramp via the Groupon special, so I said why not. As they say, the rest is history, as I felt in love with the community, the workouts and everything CrossFit (I drink the Kool-Aid as my wife would say).

My first impression was that the workouts are challenging, but fun, and the camaraderie in the gym was incredible. Not much has changed for me, the workouts are still super fun, challenging and I love the community we have. I love coming to the gym each day and get on the struggle bus with other members so we can have a laugh at the end :).

To me one of the first things I consider an achievement was participating in the 2015 Open where I learned a lot about my work capacity and to trust the process. I’ve also improve my Olympic lifts tremendously thanks to great coaching from all the coaches and our Barbell Club.

As most CrossFitters, I’m a work in progress and there will always be areas we could improve upon. For me, I’m always working on endurance and aerobic capacity since those are huge deficiencies along with all things gymnastics. CrossFit forces you to be balanced in all areas including nutrition, mobility and recovery.  I need to be more consistent in those things too.

The Open season is by far my favorite time of the year, and each year it’s better than the last. From my first year in 2015 while doing 15.5,  and thinking I was going to die but everyone kept encouraging me to finish under 10 minutes which I did; to this year, where I loved going to Friday Night Lights and doing the workouts as a community. The energy and camaraderie in our gym was incredible with everyone supporting each other.