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Groupon and the need for some positive change in my life. My first impression was “CrossFit is badass”.
And it hasn’t changed.

It’s hard to remember my “first” achievement because it’s been nearly 5 years and there has been so many, but the achievements I remember being really excited about were my first bar muscle, and a 5th place finish in my first RX competition at WOD JAMZ with my badass teammates Mighty Mite “Melissa” and Nicky! More recently, I’ve been super excited that I can FINALLY do multiple strict pull ups…Thought that would never happen!

I am working on staying focused…not missing, eating right, putting in extra work, and doing MORE pull-ups. By doing these things, since August 206 I have lost 20 lbs while continuing to get stronger!

My favorite Jaguar memory is all of them…all the memories! There are sooooo many! And…beating Kimberly at arm wrestling ??

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