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Athletes of the Month January 2016: Lisa K and Chip D

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Lisa A.K.A.”The Redhead” first came to CF Jaguar over 4 years ago.  She came in like a ball of fire, drank the Kool Aid and quickly began making improvements in many areas of fitness.  She became stronger, her endurance improved, she learned to Oly lift, her body composition changed along with her overall outlook and ability to deal with life.

Life’s circumstances forced Lisa to take a break from CF Jag for a little while.  But not too long; The Redhead came back in full fire mode tearing up the Swimsuit Fitness Challenge and reaching her goals.

Being a single mother of four children, life kept throwing Lisa obstacles here and there, but that never stopped her from getting in her workouts.  In fact, they only seemed to fuel her and allow her to overcome anything in her path.

The path’s a lot smoother today with Lisa in charge of her life, her family and her fitness.  She’s embarked on our current fitness challenge, Look Better Naked, and no doubt she emerge victorious.  Lisa is a strong woman and excellent example of what it takes to forge ahead and succeed where many would fail.


Chip came to CF Jaguar over 3 years ago and told us point blank “I do not think I can do this; I’m over 50, I haven’t exercised in a long time and I have a high pressure job working very long hours”.  Excuses are easy to see through; Chip had some very legitimate concerns that needed to be factored into his training program.

Rather than throw him into the main classes and shout “3,2,1…GO!”, Chip started off with one-on-one personal training sessions and was very surprised at all the things he was able to do, how quickly he improved and became capable of much more.  After a few months Chip asked about trying “a class or two’ in addition to the private training.

He not only took a class or two but did very well! Over the past few years Chip has continued to improve. He now trains exclusively, not only in the regular classes, but he also found a passion for Olympic lifting and participated in our Barbell club to take his skills to the next level.

His commitment is further exemplified by the fact he gets here at 5 am to workout before the workday takes over.  True dedication and consistency have made Chip stronger, fitter and better able to function in all aspects of his life including competing in obstacle course races on occasion!

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Lisa and Chip as January’s Athletes of the Month!

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