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January 2013: Jay S.

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Athlete of the Month January 2013:  Jay S

Jay first came to CF Jaguar over 2 years ago at the “encouragement” of his then fiance Adriana.  He was under the impression it was more of a “girlie” workout.  He quickly changed his mind.  Jay was relatively fit and strong when he started; he immediately came to like the varied nature and challenge of the workouts which quickly took his current fitness to an entirely different level.  His freaky core strength and gymnastics background had him excelling in that department. With the addition of the Oly lifts and a few other weight lifting movements Jay’s strength immediately skyrocketed.  He is one of the strongest dudes at the box and continues to PR on a regular baisis.  He’s not overly fond of any lengthy metabolic aspect but he has ramped up his endurance.

During the swimsuit challenge of 2011 Jay kicked it up yet another notch by comepletely changing his nutrition; he felt and performed even better after adopting the Primal diet.  Not one for mediocrity, he tossed the beer (not entirely:) and bagels and loaded up his new freezer with lots of grass fed beef and the results speak for themselves as both he and his lovely wife Adriana emerged victorious.  What a stunning couple.

A man after my own heart Jay still prefers the heavy days along with short heavy met cons but does everything we ask of him from an endurance standpoint.  A stellar member and a team player in the community CrossFit Jaguar prouldly salutes Jay as January’s AOM!

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