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January 2012: Zuli B.

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Athlete of the Month January 2012: Zuli B.

Zuli, what can we say?  You are one tough She Beast!!  Zuli first came to CF Jaguar over a year ago.  She was very petite, quiet and while she had good endurance she was not used to lifting weights.  Fast forward several months later and this kitten had turned into a tigress.  She packed on muscle, endurance became even better and she loved the feel of being under the steel and what it did for both her body and mind.

She excelled even further during our 16 week training prep for the Tough Mudder.  And when it came time for the challenge she was ready.  Around mile 5 ish Zuli slipped off the balance beam and when I arrived shortly behind her I saw a bone bulging although the skin was still intact.  The look on her face was not one of pain but of anger at not being able to continue.  Not one tear was shed but several curse words spewed forth.  We all waited for the medics to arrive and still no tears and we know she was in incredible pain from the apparent break in both her tibia and fibula.  I recall the medic asking her if she was in pain and she said her “pain was the disappointment of knowing that she could not complete the race”.   She wanted to finish.

As if that was not bad enough on route to the hospital the ambulance was hit by a train.  No, I am not joking; fortunately for all no one was hurt.  Zuli finally made it to the hospital and had surgery a few days later.  She is now on the mend and can’t wait to be back at CF again.  And yes, she is planning on the Tough Mudder this year, she has a score to settle and settle it she will!  CF Jaguar proudly salutes Zuli as January’s AOM

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