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January 2009 Fit Tip

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According to Encarta World Dictionary:



1.  to change something radically:  to cause a radical change in something such as a method or approach.

2.  incite people to rebellion:  to inspire people with revolutionary ideas.

3.  cause rebellion in a country:  to bring about a revolution in a country.

Let’s look at these individually.  “A radical change through a method or approach”; in fitness there are many methods and approaches yet one is quickly rising to the forefront and the results are amazing.  The “CrossFit” method of training is not new but the results are beyond compare.  In past years it has been relegated to the back seat because of its perception of being “dangerous”, “only for athletes and military personnel” while the  deconditioned and general public was subjected to the onslaught and advent of machine based training in global gyms and clinic like personal training facilities.  Isolation training done mainly on machines was the mainstay coupled with long, slow cardiovascular training.  The results:  minimal; minimal effort equals minimal results.  “CrossFit” results:  maximal, maximal effort equals maximal results.  You become more “FIT”; your stamina improves, your energy improves, your strength improves, balance/coordination/agility improves.  Aches and pains that you thought were related to age and or injury often disappear.  Activities of daily living are no longer a chore and fatigue is nothing but a vague memory.

“Inspire people with revolutionary ideas”.  What if I were to tell you that for less time and less money than you are spending now you will get 2 to 3 times the results if not more?  That would certainly inspire me, especially in these economic times not to mention the frenzied 24/7 pace we all are challenged with.  The workouts are brief–anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.  And yes, that includes both your strength training and your cardiovascular conditioning.  Got a little extra time?  We work on flexibility and technique–still all that in under an hour. You’re in, you’re out, you’re on your way to the fittest you’ve ever been.

“Bring about a revolution in a country”.  A Fitness Revolution that is; it’s time America!  Time to wipe out the obesity and sickness that is plaguing our nation.  Far too many individuals and even sadder yet, children, are afflicted.  Time to wipe out “Pharma Cartel”.  Proper exercise and nutrition can take us from sickness, beyond “wellness” to fitness, a true measure of health and well being.  It is not enough to just be free of disease.  “CrossFit” training is becoming just that–a revolution of fitness and nutrition.  The fitness of elite athletes, special forces and firefighters is not limited not to these individuals; the scalability of “Cross Fit” training allows any individual to participate and will transform you as you transcend any preconceived limitations.

Done in a group environment, am and pm, the energy and spirt of the workouts is highly contagious.  Friendships are formed, encouragement abounds, sweat and improved fitness the results.  The classes are off to a rip roaring start.  Class times are as follows:  M-F at 8am, M-Th at 6:30 pm, Fri at 5:00pm and Sat at 8:30am.  The month of January special $150, get month of Feb. free expired on the 10th.  BUT if you sign up NOW for the month of Feb. you will get the last 3 weeks of January ABSOLUTELY FREE .   Still a great deal and a way to. . .


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