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January 2008 Newsletter

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New You! New Results!

• New You—New Results!
• The Other Side
• Goal Setting Assessment: A New Year’s Gift
• Menu of the Month

New You—New Results!

Happy New You! All right guys and gals the party is over. The decorations have been put away, the presents to use and the holiday treats devoured. Now I personally love the New Year. During the last week of December I reflect on the past year good and bad. It is in a sense like a fresh start. It is a time to evaluate where you are, where you want to go, set some goals and develop a strategy on how to get there.

What are your goals? To lose weight, reduce the need for prescription medications, look hot and buff this summer in a bikini or for a special vacation, improve in your chosen sport, run a marathon? It’s about you; it’s YOUR personal goal.

That is the first thing you need to determine: your goal. Once you have done that, decide when it is to be accomplished by; be specific, you may divide this into short and long term goals. i.e. lose 100 pounds in 1 year is a long term goal, lose 25 pounds in 3 months would be a short term goal, you get the idea. So, you’ve got a goal and a timeline, now how are you going to get there? You’ve got to have a plan; you must figure out how you are going to accomplish it—a strategy. Do it on your own or enlist help but do it. Attack it like you would your business, your favorite hobby, your relationship—something you are passionate about. Write in your scheduled workouts in your day timer. “No time?” Find it. No desire? That comes from within, dig deep. Too stressed? Aren’t we all, act rather than react.

So toss in your channel changer for a stopwatch; get off your rear, put it in gear and achieve your goals.
The Other Side

In life and sports injuries happen even with the best of preventative training. Some are avoidable, some are not. This past September I tore the lateral meniscus in my right knee; a minor injury but one that required an arthroscopic surgery to restore function. The surgery took place in December and went well thanks to my excellent orthopedic Dr. William Carson. However not being able to train like I usually do for over 3 months plus the rehabilitation time made me develop a new prospective. I was forced to slow down, way down, like it or not. I had no choice, to keep up the usual pace would only injure the knee further. I always try to learn from any experience even one that initially appears negative. Had some physical therapy to restore range of motion—humbling to say the least. She was very knowledgeable and developed an exercise program and was amazed that I followed it. It boils down to how bad you want it and I wanted my knee restored to full function as soon as possible, badly. I want to get out there and attack with full force, I don’t care that I am almost 48. At least I am mature enough to listen at this age. This proves the point I am trying to make. When I or one of my trainers writes out an exercise prescription for someone, 99% of the time it will work: provided the client follows it along with the nutritional recommendations. I am following the physical therapists recommendations are my knee is improving, almost back to full function. One can hand you the tools and blueprint but whether you build a tent or a skyscraper is up to you.
Goal Setting Assessment

Last month I told you we had a lot of changes at JTF and I wasn’t kidding! We’re offering a fitness gift to you—our valued clients and fitness acquaintances—for the first 15 days of January 2008. A ONE hour consultation/workout: schedule your appointment (all are personally done with me). Come in with your goals written on a sheet of paper (1-3 goals please) and a reasonable time that you would like to achieve them by. I will review them, develop a baseline strategy to help you get started and finish with a sample workout. Sound good? I think so, you’ve got to have a plan ; achieving your fitness goals are a lot more than just showing up at the gym 2-3 times a week in January and February and then by March you’re right back where you were the last week of December. Sound familiar? Please accept my gift by:

CALLING NOW: 813-908-6464, Ask for Paula, offer expires January 15th, 2008. _____________________________________________________________________________________
Menu of the Month

Clean it up Folks

Tighten up your nutrition and you’ll tighten your waistline among other things while also increasing your energy and stamina. It doesn’t take much, just eliminating white sugar and flour can make most people lose between 5 to 15 pounds in 2 weeks. By the way, alcohol is primarily sugar and metabolized by the body in the same manner.

As you know, I recommend all ingredients to be organic (less pesticides, chemicals and higher farming standards). Avoid farm raised fish and feedlot raised fowl and animal products. Wild seafood, free range and or organic fowl and animal products are best.

Instead of a recipe this month I’ve giving you a sample menu day. The portions will need to be adjusted according to bodyweight and individual metabolic needs and of course to tastes but it can be used as a basic blueprint.

Meal 1 (about 60 minutes after arising)
1 egg, 2 egg whites
1-2 slices Ezekiel sprouted bread, 1-2 tsp. almond butter
½-1 apple

Meal 2 (2 ½ -3 hours later)
Other half of the apple or a pear
12 macadamia nuts

Meal 3 (2 ½-3 hours later)
4-6 ounces lean chicken
3-6 ounce sweet potato
1-1 ½ cups green beans

Meal 4 (2 ½-3 hours later)
2-4 ounces water packed tuna
Small green salad (olive oil/vinegar dressing)

Meal 5 (2 ½-3 hours later)
4-6 ounces wild salmon
1 cup steamed broccoli
1 cup steamed cauliflower