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Inner Fitness: Beyond Sports and Exercise

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2005-fall-classicBy Paula Jager

Fitness through sport and exercise is much more than a battleground for war against an opponent, clock or other external concerns such as excess body fat. Inner fitness views exercise as an arena for the battles within; where your discipline for exercise/proper nutrition cannot be separated from the search for life’s truths. The exercising of the physical body gives our mind and spirit a boost as we stare in the face of our inner concerns of fear, fatigue, failure, patience, perseverance, confidence and self doubt. Fitness can transport us to a new level of awareness where all of our external successes are mere reflections of the victories within.

We not only lose body fat, lower our cholesterol and blood pressure, improve flexibility and look better; we can become better people as well. Although bittersweet, sports injuries and illnesses often drive inner growth through athletic adversity. In Chinese, the word for crisis means both danger and opportunity.

View exercise not only as an exploration of your athletic potential but for overcoming the challenges within where the opponent is yourself and the reward deeply private and gratifying. In order to achieve your goals in life it will take everything you have physically, emotionally and spiritually to make it happen.

Exercising enables you to deal with life more effectively. When you physically stimulate the body in a way that feels good, you heighten your spirit; when the body is fit you feel good all over. Fitness is a powerful catalyst in learning the truth about life’s lessons: discipline, patience, mastery, self-reliance and many others. Physical stimulation opens the deep centers of creativity and thought and you are more receptive to personal growth and change.

There are many physical pathways to choose from when you begin your journey inward. The important thing is to begin and go at your own pace. It is a process that refuses to yield to demographic boundaries, ability levels and ages. With time and patience you will be able to hurdle any self imposed limitations and take it to the next level. Test your limits, discover what you are made of and physically and mentally prepare for the game of life while life, itself, becomes a sport.

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