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Gail B

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I started exercising at CrossFit Jaguar because I had been having difficulty with my general mobility. I am a retired Physical Therapist. Somehow I didn’t take the time to practice what I preached to the people who I worked with over the years.


Weight gain, diminished mobility and joint pain made exercise very challenging for me. I had tried going to regular gyms; but that didn’t work for me. I’d start and stop and so on. I knew that I needed to do something much sooner than later. I also knew that I wasn’t too old to get started.

My daughter, Kimberly Suarez, introduced me to CrossFit. She is an amazing athlete and a great coach. She encouraged me to give it a try. I was nervous about doing something so outside of my comfort zone and embarrassed about how I had let myself go. I found nothing but encouragement from everyone I met at CrossFit Jaguar.

My first coach was Kelly Gardner. We had a group called The Silvers. It was a group people around my age and ability. She pushed me to try even though I felt that I couldn’t do anything. Kimberly is my current coach. She tells me that when I feel that I want to quit, “do just one more”. It works. I use this mantra every time that I
feel like giving up. I do “just one more”.

My first achievement would be seen as a very simple act to someone else; but to me it meant so much. I was finally able to get onto and off the rower without help. That was huge for me that the time. My first PR was a 200 lb deadlift – twice!

My current goal is to complete one chin up (with or without help) and favorite memory would be the day that I decided to join CrossFit.