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Athletes of the Month February 2016: Jen and John M.

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I don’t think we’ve ever had husband and wife AOM’s before but this fit family is a shining example and as always ladies before gentlemen. . .


When Jen walked into CF Jaguar she was already fit.  She had been CrossFitting for a few years with a competition or two already under her belt.  But, her goals were to be better competitively.  A fiery Type A redhead Jen is competitive at heart which made our job all the easier.

All Jen needed was work on form and technique.  She is a very quick learner and fine tuning her lifts starting taking her PR’s to new heights.  She added pounds to them after just a few weeks and they haven’t stopped increasing!

One of the most admirable things about Jen is her drive and dedication.  We nicknamed her “Superwoman”.  She is a full-time, high level, successful corporate player  and even though her job requires  a lot of travel, she is constantly dropping in at boxes all over to make sure she gets in a WOD. Jen gives her all to 5+ CF workouts a week and if that wasn’t enough she an amazing mother to three beautiful children!


Alongside every Superwoman is a Superman and that’s the case with the John!  He is extremely focused on meeting his goals which he exceeds on a daily basis. His constant attention to detail on his mobility and accessory work has paid off as he has accomplished gains in gymnastics and strength.

John came in wanting to work on his technique. All it needed was some refinement.  He especially wanted to improve on his Olympic lifts and has done just that over the course of a few series of our Barbell Club.

John is  consistent and dedicated. Despite a demanding work schedule he is often seen at 5:45 am getting his workout in before heading to work and making time for the kids in the evening.  A long day for sure.

As a couple

Perhaps what is most impressive is how work together as a team; coordinating watching the children while the other works out.  They are often seen tag teaming as workouts end and kids are being shuttled to sporting practices and events.

The Masons are the epitome of a CrossFit family.  They lead by example by working out with consistency and dedication, make no excuses over their busy lives and schedules, both have successful careers yet find time for their fitness and their children’s.  With a heavy travel laden schedule Jen coordinates with John and healthy meals are planned for the family in advance.

CF Jaguar proudly salutes Jennifer and John as February’s Athletes of the Month!

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